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Creative and strategic consultancy

There are two souls at the heart of our projects: ideas and data analysis.

The vision we propose, the sensitivity of our designers, the skills of our analysts and all the different cultural backgrounds that come together in VENTISETTE are the lenses through which we analyse industry benchmarks, research and analysis.

For us, Data Informed Communication means proposing future-proof ideas, without bending creativity to numbers.

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Branding Strategy
Logo Design
Graphic Design

Digital presence

Website, Portals, E-commerce

The digital evolution has transformed simply being online into the real front office of companies: the point where brand values are manifested, business is optimised (e-commerce) and people who come into contact with the company are taken care of.

This is why it is essential to interpret the company’s digital presence today as a perfectly integrated ecosystem of multiple digital presences, in dialogue with each other.

UI Design
UX Design
Front-End Development
Full-Stack Development
Strategy / Monitoring / Optimization
Content Production
E-commerce Development
Web App Development

Online positioning

SEO / SEM / SEA – Google Ads

90% of active online users believe that search engines are the most effective tool for finding information. 89% stated that they were influenced in their purchasing decisions by information obtained through the search engines themselves.

That is why, in any online positioning strategy, it is crucial to pay attention to the visibility – organic or paid – that search engines offer to one’s content, taking care:

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is a set of practices aimed at increasing the visibility of a website by making it climb the search engine rankings;

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is the set of strategies aimed at improving search engine rankings;

SEA, Search Engine Advertising, includes all the skills to create effective and well-positioned paid advertisements for integration into search engines.

Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Analysis
Positioning Analysis
Paid Media Ads
Google Ads
Digital Strategy

Social media

Content strategy & Paid media

Established as a place to meet and communicate with known people, social media are still the spaces where people spend most of their time online. Increasingly, however, they relate and interact with the products they use and the brands they choose to follow.

In the constant stream of updates and revolutions, today it is important for brands not so much (and not only) to be there, but to find their voice to enter into the dialogue between users, taking an interest, entertaining them and providing answers to understand which direction to take to improve the products or services they offer.

Digital Branding
Digital and VisualStorytelling
Social Media Strategy
Online Adv Strategy: Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest Ads
Content Production

CSR / Sostenibilità

Corporate Social Responsability

We help companies and brands integrate sustainable solutions into their business through innovative proposals. We produce Sustainability Reports in accordance with international benchmark guidelines, offer companies conceptualisation and technical coordination of events and dialogue and co-design processes. We use Design Thinking / Service Design approaches.

Materiality Analysis
Benchmarking with SDGs Agenda 2030
Sustainable communication projects
Stakeholder Engagement
Brand positioning analysis