Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report


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InfoCamere is the company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce for digital innovation. Starting with the governance of the Business Registry-the national economic registry-it is responsible for offering technologically advanced services to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in the face of the continuous evolution of economic and regulatory systems. It designs and develops solutions to simplify the relationship between businesses and Public Administration and ensure favorable conditions for the continuous evolution and transformation of business activities, acting to support the competitiveness of the Country System.

VENTISETTE Digital in collaboration with FocusLab, which handled the drafting of textual and technical content, accompanied InfoCamere in the creation of the Sustainability Report 2021, taking care of its creative direction and declination on all the various media. The project, which did not have as its only output the budget, was then declined on a dedicated landing page, containing a video summary of the salient data.


“We broaden the perimeter of knowledge, to lead the future, with resilience and sustainability”


Through its services, InfoCamere increasingly represents a concrete tool available to those doing innovation. A digital compass that guides the future of businesses: it speaks its language and knows how to use its tools (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Analytics).

Thanks to its leadership position, services and cultural profile, InfoCamere stands as a mentor, supporting Italian companies that want to grow, through a digital transformation, but also supporting those realities that have not yet been involved in the evolution process.

For these reasons InfoCamere aims to widen the perimeter of knowledge (enabling, shared and diffused) for digital transformation, involving as many Stakeholders as possible. Those who think about the future cannot escape this challenge, which can be met with choices of change, willingness to get involved, investment and renewal, day after day. InfoCamere has a long history and ability to anticipate risks, and reorient itself in a complex and uncertain world, with commitments to social and environmental sustainability, in line with the best standards.


II Sustainability Report is a supportive tool to guide companies, through the discovery of InfoCamere’s tools and services, that can contribute in a tangible way to global but also to the improvement of each individual company.

Each section is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge, invites to deepen the various topics, generate curiosity, through information boxes, cards, notes, contextualization paragraphs. Each of these links to InfoCamere’s services and results.

With the data and projects presented in the Report, we give visibility to how central it is to invest in research and know-how, with the goal of engaging our Stakeholders and recruiting new companies.

Infocamere rejoins the 150 Sustainability Leaders 2021 companies

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InfoCamere’s Sustainability Report 2021 has been declined on a dedicated Landing page

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