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Telefono Azzurro is participating in the Festival of Sustainable Development 2021, together with more than 300 civil society organizations expressing their mission in the field of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The Festival of Sustainable Development is the largest Italian initiative in the field of sustainability. It aims to raise awareness and mobilize citizens, new generations, businesses, associations and institutions on the issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In the framework of the Festival, Telefono Azzurro promoted its own event entitled: “Quality education and digital: a challenge for the empowerment of new generations.” A day of meetings with very high-profile personalities such as Professor Patrizio Bianchi, Minister of Education, Dr. Cesare Avenia, President of Confindustria Digitale, and representatives of the most important digital companies such as Google, Apple, TikTok.

VENTISETTE Digital was responsible for defining the image of the event promoted by Telefono Azzurro and promoting it on the Association’s digital channels.

Quality education and digital: a challenge for the empowerment of the younger generation

Promoting quality digital education is the purpose that Telefono Azzurro supports with its active awareness campaign in schools, and it is within a school that the event that Telefono Azzurro is co-hosting in the ASVIS Agenda